If my stint as a belly-dancer doesn't work out...

A quick bit of personal indulgence from The Age today...

Call-centre jobs boost
By Darren Gray
January 11, 2005

Almost 400 jobs are likely to be created when call-centre company UCMS establishes a national headquarters in Melbourne's central business district.

The company, which provides services to major companies such as Alinta and Vodafone, will spend about $18 million on the project.

Financial Services Minister Tim Holding said yesterday the step was a "strong vote of confidence in Victoria".

The State Government has identified the call-centre industry as one of the most important in Victoria, employing an estimated 65,000 people and contributing about $3 billion a year to the state economy.

UCMS is to start working from the CBD within weeks, and complete its HQ within two years.

With 400 new jobs coming on line at UCMS, it looks like I will have a job waiting for me when I get back in March.


Anonymous said…
Maybe you can do a bit of belly dancing while you answer the phones C

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