Only in China...

The United States is famous (rather unfairly, really) for housing its fair share of simple minded country folk, but these couple of 'round the grounds' reports published in the Shanghai Star should surely put the China up there with the best and dumbest.


GUANGXI: Greedy for tourists
A SUPER restaurant capable of accommodating 10,000 diners is expected to be completed this year in the Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Spot located in Nanning, capital of South China's Guangxi Xhuang Autonomous Region. The building covers an ara of 20 hectares and has cost 120 million yuan (US$14.4 million). Jia Yuchen, director of the nanning Tourism Bureau, said the unfinished restaurant would be the largest in the world. It will feature decorative landscapes and cuisine from a variety of Southeast Asian countries. In comments that could be of concern to owners of the new dining spot, two employees of another restaurant located nearby said few people came to visit Qingxiu Mountain and restaurants there closerd at 4pm every day.

And another bit of crazy Chinese capitalism...:

HUBEI (a landlocked province, a quick glance at a map reveals -AS): Sinking finances
A FARMER named Li Yuming in Wuhan, capital of Central China's Hubei Province, borrowed more than 90,000 yuan (US$10,800) from his friends and relatives to build a submarine. Li's passion for invention has led him into a financial crisis, without the money even to pay for a bus ticket. Thinking submarines were vulnerable to capsizing, due to their unstable centre of gravity, Li advanced new ideas and successfully applied for two patents. Last August, together with three other farmers, he set out to build a submarine according to his new ideas, but failed. Despite the adamant opposition of his family, Li is still thinking of making another submarine.


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