MICF - The 3rd Degree: Eskimos with Polaroids

Way back before there was the D Generation running rampant on our TV screens there was a bunch of silly buggers at university, putting on revues, keeping themselves amused, and just generally taking the piss. It was only after proving themselves as student performers that they were allowed to graduate on to bigger and better things with an audience that didn't consist exlusively of drunk Arts students. That very stage is where the 3rd Degree are now. The cast of six put on a hyperventilatingly good performance of manic, subversive sketches which are just waiting to be discovered by talent-spotters. This time around the show is Eskimos With Polaroids, a title that refers to nothing more than a lame pun which opens the show (What does an eskimo get if he sits in the show for too long? Think about it.). Perhaps because it is a 'best-of' show, plucking the funniest sketches from a large selection of uni-revues, the sketches seem to hit the mark every time. Throughout the crazy hour, there is barely a laugh-free dull spot.


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