Weekend away

This afternoon I returned from a very relaxing weekend away in Ballarat with my Significant Other, Linh. I won't bore you with the stories, since there's not much to tell, but I will enlighten you with a handful of 'Rat happy snaps.

Bush and Dick

As someone with an arduous beauty regimen, I couldn't bare to go through a week-end without a cleansing facial. Note the Dubya and Cheney (that's Bush and Dick during my more infantile moments) inauguration t-shirt, not necessarily a reflection of my politics, but more a reflection of my depressing wardrobe.

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Linh and I spent most of the time talking, reading the paper, and stuffing our faces. Here we're doing a little of all three.

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On Sunday night, we dined at Ballarat's most sophisticated and exotic restaurant featuring a gorilla. The very best in Thai, Malaysian and Chinese food, thankfully without wacky waiters.


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