What's all that about?

It's Bracks and Her Maj.

Any takers?


Jim Woodcock said…
Commonwealth Games?
Mothy said…
The dates are certainly right.

Though my questions are who/where/why on the stick and the... *ahem*... atrophy.
Jim Woodcock said…
Google reliably informs me that vaginal atrophy is one possible effect of menopause.

Though Bracksy is probably immune to it, I think.
Anonymous said…
Ari, I saw this sticker posted on the wall of a telephone box, on Friday. Yes, I was not sure what it all meant.

I thought maybe, Braxie has vaginal atrophy and we should all know about it.

Peter Billing said…
Seems to me it's trying to elude that Her Maj is the patron of this awareness cause and is hence visiting Melbourne for that purpose

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