"I'm on the road again..."

AOTW is hitting the road for a week, and will be appearing in small country towns in eastern Victoria. Any readers in Lakes Entrance (Where the Lakes meet the Sea) or Bairnsdale (Gateway to East Gippsland) should drop me an email, since I'm heading in your direction.

While I'm away, I urge you all to immerse yourself in the Flash-loving, frame-using, angelically lit homepage of The Hon Paul J. Keating. Not a spoof, my friends: keating.org.au is the real deal.

Who da man?  He da man.

Who da man? He da man.


Kent said…
My apologies, that should have read:

"Oh my god."

(IE: I don't consider Paul Keating to be my god, or a god in general.)
John Lee said…
I got your drift the first time.
Kent said…
Thanks John... with all the hoo-ha about the Pittman v Lewis dispute, it's easy to be misinterpreted these days! Just had to make sure.

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