Show 'em where to stick it

For those of you with an interest in one of the world's most vibrant democracies, have a look at this selection of bumper stickers from Israel ahead of Tuesday's general election.

Tafnit: Enough of ignoring corruption,
with (L-R) Peretz, Olmert and Netanyahu

I won't be saying much on the substance of the election beyond what I said a few months back. If these polls are any indication, it looks like voters in Israel feel the same way I do about the importance of keeping Kadima in power.

Fans of Israeli politics with extremely long memories might remember that I wrote about the phenomenon of bumper sticker democracy when I was 'reporting' from Israel during the last elections in 2003. Nothing much changes.

UPDATE 24/3, 11:58pm: With Sharon as Prime Minister and Olmert as Acting Prime Minister, with poth of them representing the Kadima party, I'll stand by my assertion that their success will be 'keeping Kadima in power'.


Jeremy said…
Uhhh, it's not really keeping Kadima in power seeing as how it's a new party, but we get the point I guess. I hope you're right, but I fear that without Sharon support could wither despite the promising polling. Third parties have an ignoble history in Israeli politics. We'll see.
Anonymous said…
Wow, the Jerusalem Post has a Christian Edition.

"We at The Jerusalem Post hope and believe that the establishment of the Christian Edition will bring Jews and Christians closer together to the benefit of all."

Kinda begs the question don't it?

Anonymous said…
Peretz looks a bit like Stalin and so none of the Russians will vote for him.
Jeremy said…
Point taken on the keeping, but the other part of my post still looks like it could be right - "Late run on Labour as Kadima fades". Hope not, but you never know...
Anonymous said…
There's an Israeli song called the "Bumper Sticker Song" by HaDag Nachash. Very cool song and worth checking out. And on Kadima...will be a tragidy if they are elected and go through with "disengaging" from the West Bank. They will tear the nation apart. Removing 7000 settlers from Gaza cost 11 billion sheks and caused a lot of pain for the nation. Try moving 70,000 settlers. The plan will fall on its ass.

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