Blue and green should never be seen...

Does anyone really by this?

From the UK Tories in the lead up to local council elections:

Vote Blue :: Go Green

Vote Conservative on Thursday.

This is a great country, and with the right leadership it could be even better.

We’re going to have to wait a bit to make some of the changes Britain needs. The next election may be a few years away.

Conservative councils are greener, cleaner, safer and cheaper than Labour and Lib Dem councils. So voting Conservative on 4 May means voting for better local government.

I think it’s so important that you vote in these local elections on Thursday. If you don’t vote, you won’t have a say.

But if you do vote, you can vote for a cleaner, greener environment in your area.

Vote blue, Go green

David Cameron

Read more about this one on their website. It's a tough sell, and in the short term few will by it. In the long term, though...


Peter Parker said…
Apparently it did well, with to Tories getting much more than Labour, who were pushed to No 3 by the Liberal Dems.

The slogan has some (albeit puerile) truth, given Tory areas are more likely to be country areas in the SE whereas the Labour heartland is in the gritty industrial cities of the north.

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