Not dead, just resting

Apologies for the sparsity of posts this past week. I'm enduring a technological drought not seen since the Luddite First XI were on a roll against the Industrial Revolution Social Club just before stumps on Day One.

My computer is in for repairs, the broadband cable to my Significant Other's computer is not functioning, and the dial up cord decided to join in the fun, so I'm resigned to a couple of minutes a day at a little internet cafe around the corner.

Still, those of your seeking your Ari fix can head here.

And being the first of August, I must continue at AOTW tradition and wish all those horses out there a happy birthday. All those in favour? Against?


Anonymous said…
C'mon Israel,

We can beat those dirty rotten scoundrels. May you all go to hell and rot till you drop.

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday to the horses (now belated), and WTF to Aunty (forever).

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