Citizenship Test: Canadian example

There's been a fair bit of hubbab in the past few days over the government's proposal for a simple civics and English language test prior to the granting of citizenship. On face value, such a proposal doesn't seem unreasonable if we are to accept the mantra that Australian citizenship is a privilege, not a right (although as this piece points out, the exact opposite is true for those born in Australia).

Anyhow, the Canadians have had one in place for a while - well, the civics part of it, at least. For obvious reasons, the test itself is not publicly available, although this very interesting site, thanks to Your Library, allows you to take a free sample test.

For what it's worth, my entire Canadian experience consists of accidentally spilling some gravy and cheese on my chips, but I scored 80% on a sample of five questions, enough to entitle me to citizenship.

Given that few people are likely to fail the test, but plenty are likely to learn more about their country before sitting it, it seems like a step forward in the quest for an informed and civically-aware populous. If the folks from Saskatchewan can do it...

Check out the sample test and see how you go.


Anonymous said…
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Sammo said…
Insults by anonymous cowards are somehow compliments aren't they?

Took the citizenship test, I guarantee 50% of my Canadian friends would fail that test. One of the questions is who is the Lieutenant-Governor of BC???!! Are you kidding me?!!
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