Pricey internet means few posts


UPDATE 12/1, 7:30pm: It also means mysteriously misspelling easy to spell words. The US is a strangely unreflective society, steadfastly refusing to take a moment to think but instead indulging itself in an orgy of mindless consumption. It's a society with a sense of entitlement, where the very idea of leaving an urge unsatisfied in frowned-upon. The cultural differences are subtle, but the collective mindset is more obvious.


Anonymous said…
i have missed your interesting comments how is your health, perhaps the internet may become cheaper as you travel on s
Anonymous said…
My only surprise is that you're surprised by America and it's people!
John Lee said…
perhaps the west coast isn't representative of America. But from an Aussie viewpoint, the culture shock moving across God's Own Country is probably just a question of degree
Lisa said…
LA is like that -- a sickening gateway to USA.

By the way, if you had a laptop with wireless card in it you'd find there are tons of unsecured wireless networks wherever you are there. I didn't pay for any Internet while I was there. That was well over 2 years ago too.

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