The excitement never stops

It's been a busy few days, with snippets that are better 'shown' than 'told'.

Saturday was birthday number 22, and there was a family celebration on Friday. Here's me getting the sequence completely wrong in the blow-out-the-candle-then-eat-the-cake routine:

I'd rather set my hair on fire than eat a jam doughnut.

And here's one of the last ever 69 trams, seen here running down Glenferrie Road about about 9 o'clock on Saturday night. Farewell, green limousine of the night. In the morning comes a brave new era of the 16. Yep, I am taking this far too seriously:

69 has come... and gone.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Ari!

Anonymous said…

I noticed the 69 tram info in the Classifieds on Saturday morning, and must admit, was somewhat shocked. It just won't be the same for the Old De La Salle, who now must catch the Kew-Melbourne Uni tram to school. I also noticed the number 8 tram goes from Toorak to Moreland now...

And a (somewhat belated) Happy Birthday to you! Now you're past 21, it's all down hill from here.

Umm said…
Happy Birthday for Saturday!

Jess *who turned 20 on Wednesday*
Unknown said…
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