It's raining inside Melbourne Central.

As the rain came tumbling down over Melbourne on Thursday morning, it is likely to be pants that were wet amongst the management of Melbourne Central. After years of renovations and not long before the big relaunch, the deluge of rain poured in through the upside-down glass cone which forms the ceiling of the famous shopping centre. Along with the thousands of other commuters who pass through the forecourt, I saw large garbage bins positioned strategically to capture water as it dripped down from the ceiling. Not a healthy sign. Do'h.

A file photo... not my file, but the SMH's.  Still, who's gonna know the difference?


Anonymous said…
Serves 'em right for stuffing up the Swanston St entrance to the station!

And shutting off even this convoluted entrance for months at a time in the evenings apart from a token overcrowded lift.


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