MICF - Alec Fry and Troy King: Run, Nerd Boy, Run

There’s something fun and cosy about watching comedy at The Amber Lounge on Lonsdale Street. Three nights of the week, this place is swarming with Melbourne’s beautiful set, strutting their stuff and paying far too much for hip cocktails which sound a bit like the daily kids activities at the Neverland Ranch. For now, though, the place attracts a smallish crowd, tucked nicely into the corner watching a couple of silly buggers, be, well, silly buggers. The trio behind Run, Nerd Boy, Run have a few moments of brilliance, with gags that hit the spot and clever characterisations that spark the imagination. The three have an obvious talent, and the focus moves from one to the other in what can only be termed comedy tag-team. At times, the show can be a bit clunky, with stretches of gags that seem under-rehearsed and fall flat, and the transitions from one performer to another are far from smooth. Rather than running through well-warn gags about drugs, cars and pop-culture, the show could gain plenty by further developing the characterisations, which generally worked well. The hilarious Reverend CE delivers the language of the people as if it’s the word of the lord, and there should be plenty of room to push it further. A clever sequence about different body parts debating with each other also has huge potential to grow. King, Fry and the Rev have a great talented for accents and it would be great to hear more of it… to be sure, to be sure. Grab a drink, find a pew, and try your luck.


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