Go Harvey Go!!

As well as having the most annoying jingle on television, radio, and anywhere else you happen to stumble into its audio-assault range, Harvey Norman have a poor record when it comes to customer service. Last month crikey(.com.au) revealed the existance of an internal document asking employees to look out for ACCC reps on the prowl, such is the paranoia within HN:

"Please enure that should you or any of your staff be suspicious that a customer could be from the ACCC, be sure to take a photo of the person, with a digital camera (no more bold) clearly showing their face - maybe say 'smile customer relations day'."

And now the up-and-coming consumer rights site www.notgoodenough.org has devoted its top ten list of consumer complaints exclusively to Harvey Norman. Makes great reading, and is probably the a case-study in waiting for marketing students keen to know how not to treat your customers.

At least someone leaves the store satisfied.  Right Gerry?


Phu-Linh Tran said…
Maybe Harvey and the Liberal government are in cahoots with each other...poor customer service, poor public service, what's the diff? If Costello gets a chaise lounge compliments of Harvey's cronies,I will be ropable...

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