That'll put the wind up 'em

Oh the irony, but it seems the Greens are engaging in a bit of astro-turfing (creating the illusion of grass roots support for your cause). Glossy full-colour postcards have started appearing, published by "Friends All for Renewable Technologies" (FART... groan). The postcard tells voters:

John Howard's recent energy policy has snubbed the use of clean, renewable sources like wind and solar energy.
At this election Vote One for the Environment, and put the Liberals last.

It's the bit after that that is most interesting:

Authorised by Adrian Whitehead, 43 Osbourne Rd Warrandyte, Vic 3113.

That wouldn't be the same Adrian Whitehead who is State Convenor for the Greens in Victoria and is authorising all the Victorian Greens election material?

If you like being taken as a sucker, then why not check out the FART web site.

UPDATE (30/9, 2:10am): After poking around a bit on the FART website - - have come across a few interesting snippets:

- There is a page on the site which compares the policies of each of the major parties, and it would be no surpise to hear that the Greens come out on top, beating all challengers. Normally these things work okay when the criteria are reasonably objective and factual, but when they are completely subjective then the exercise becomes a farce. Like this one.

- It seems rather bizarre that the URL ends in a ".fm" Yep. Of course. It's the Federation of Micronesia who are the proud hosts of that URL country-code. Any suggestions on why FART chose to take a URL from there??


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