Greens back Bungy Stunt - No Strings Attached

Andrew Bartlett has proven himself the only pollie in Canberra who could look bored during a stunt like this:



Anonymous said…
Andrew Bartlett is the leader of the Democrats and not a member of the Greens.
Anonymous said…

Do you know why he always wears purple? I'd love to know. Its a little sick that a full-grown man is so obsessed over a colour. I wouldn't vote for a guy that wierd.

urban creature said…
His serious look, I think, comes from his goth days - more info on my blog.

The colour of the 'Not Happy John' t-shirts was probably not something Andrew had much control over. However, Andrew does wear purple a lot. I suspect it had to do with brightening up his image and black and purple go well together. Maybe someone should ask him.

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