The No Republic of Australia

Five years (and one day, now) from the Republic Referendum, and we are still a long way from achieving what looked so achievable at the time. Public sentiment on the issue has not changed significantly since the vote - at the time the majority were overwhelmingly republican, just as they are now. It was not the monarchy which prevailed in '99 - it was a fear campaign which beat a solid model.

It's worth asking a question or two of the Direct Election brigade (we're looking at you, Phil) who teamed up with the Monarchists to run the scare campaign:

- When is this mysterious 'second chance' going to come about? You know, the chance to vote again on the republic with a different model if we didn't like the first one. The Direct Election people thought they were sitting beside a sushi train of constitutional reform. They rejected the Parliamentry Model Sushimi because they were waiting for the Direct Election Tempura, only to end up with a big mouthful of Monarchist Wasabi.
- How has the push for a republic been furthered by the successful No vote?
- What the hell were you guys thinking??

Phil and Gerry - God Save Our Gracious Queen

Just what would Gerry Adams think of his No-voting republican friend Phil Cleary?


Phu-Linh Tran said…
If the last Federal election is anything to indicate what voters would be like with a referendum, the answer is pretty obvious. As the years go on, me thinks that people of Australia don't give a shit, can't think progressively, can't read or a combination of the above. Democracy should never be left in the hands of a country full of morons a.k.a the ones who voted Howard back in.

P.S Gerry and Phil look like bro's

P.P.S Nice sushi references. Yum, yum. Or is that Tom Yum?
Anonymous said…
Hi Ari,

I was disapointed to see the 99 referendum defeated. I'd like to see Australia become a republic and thought that the model on offer was very good.

I'm not so sure that I would vote in favour of a direct election model if it ever is offered, though. I think people don't realise what a potentially major change it could be to our political system. Like what happens when the indirectly elected Prime Minister disagrees with the directly elected President? I wouldn't be so sure that the President would remain a figurehead.

What are your thoughts on this Ari? Would you support a direct election model or vote against it?


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