Logging on in downtown Yangon

Well waddayaknow? After a week in Myanmar, I decided to check out the internet situation for myself. And disappointingly, web-based email can't be accessed, blogging has been given free reign (not quite true about the web-based email - most of the major and minor sites have been barred, but it is impossible to catch them all, so my uni email account is okay, and plenty of Myanmaris have found themselves ridiculously obscure email addresses, which have yet to be barred. Or you could use a .mm address, and have everyone in the Ministry of Communications reading your email.)

I'm on my last day in Myanmar at the moment, and will be heading back to Bangkok on Saturday afternoon. I'll be putting some thoughts about this place on line over the next hour or two, and probably over the next couple of days.

And on non-Myanmar news, I just found this today:

Code Semester Year Description Mark Grade

166021 2 2004 International Relations and its Others 072 H2B
191006 2 2004 Policing 078 H2A
325209 2 2004 Human Resource Management 077 H2A
333101 2 2004 Finance 1 065 H3

Looks like I passed.


Anonymous said…
well done what happened to finance, not your strongest subject

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