Someone's up to no good...

Sunday night was a big one in Nha Trang. It was a full moon, you see, and so that was the convenient excuse for half of the travellers to NT to head to the local Sailing Club ('ello Sailor!) and drink the local specialty - bucket cocktails, drunk out of an oversized jam-jar and liberally doused with alcohol.

By 3am, the folks at the Sailor's Club were calling it stumps (my term, not theirs) and so I decided to call it a night and head home. Whilst walking the three kilometres or so from the Sailor's Club to my hotel, I came across the Manchester Hotel, or more specicially the monkey-man who was scaling the wall and thrust himself on to the balcony of a first-floor room.

Monkey-man and I stared at each other for a moment, before he swatted in my general direction, mosquito style. There was no doubt at all in my mind about his intentions, particularly given the fact that theft in a seaside town such as this is very high. In my drunken state, I considered my options - ignore it and head home, raise a racket and try and scare him off, or head inside and tell the management. Option three sounded like the one least likely to end up with me in trouble, so I banged on the door of the reception area and spoke with a Vietnamese man and woman.

Clearly theft had been an ongoing issue at the hotel, and so the two of them were determined to catch the culprit. Whilst the aldy and I stood outside the keep watch, the man from reception darted up the stairs and appeared on the first floor balcony. With the balcony lights on every level now switched on, the cat and mouse game could take place in earnest.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, it was really just a cat and cat game, with the mouse having long escaped, not long after seeing me give him an evil stare. The only evidence that remained was a pair of thongs sitting on the ground as the flotsam of a quick getaway. After a thorough 20 minute search, and the amusement of several bored locals, we conceded that he'd managed to get a way. But in the words on Dr Claw, WE'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, GADGET, NEXT TIME.


Anonymous said…
Watch out monkey man might know where you live.C

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