Friday night football

Seemingly endless war in Iraq, train crashes in North Korea, seriously crooked cops in Melbourne, tricky Trish Draper... all might suggest that things are not looking too crash hot in the world at the moment. But I think we can safely forget all that, because COLLINGWOOD HAVE JUST BROKEN THEIR SIX GAME LOSING STREAK!!!

The view from the top deck of Dockland Stadium was that it was the Magpies younger brigade that lifted the team from the depths it had sunk to in previous weeks. With 7 players aged 20 or under, it was possible that on field leadership would be difficult to come by, but when Adelaide seriously challenged the Pies in the last quarter, the mental resolve of the players was evident. So let's hear it for Rhyce Shaw and Cameron Cloke and Matthew Lokan, second tier players who shone through tonight.

Another streak was also broken at the game on Friday. About six years had passed since Ari-on-the-web (who at that time was simply Ari) last purchased anything to eat at the football. A combination of work, and post-work boozing, had led to a hunger that couldn't wait until after the game. Bewildered by the culinary delights on offer at Docklands, Ari-on-the-web opted for a traditional footy staple - jam doughnuts. Four of them. Courtesy of the highly conflicted folks at Spotless Catering. A little underwhelmed by the ratio of jam to doughnut, for this hungry football patron the product struggled to satisfy an appetite. A week may be a long time in football, but six years, it seems, is but a blink of an eye when it comes to catering.


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