MICF - Josh Zepps: The Howard Years

This year at the Comedy Festival is supposedly the rebirth of political satire - the subject which for years and years has been pushed aside and replaced with amusing observations about the parlous state of airline food and the inanities
of toilet seats. Perhaps it is a reflection on the current state of affairs
that performers and punters who would usually stick to safer ground feel a need
to let out a yelp at the people and institutions which fill the political landscape. In this case it's Josh Zepps doing the yelping, mocking the egos and
pomposity of our current crop of politicians and the media. To say that Zepps
hits the mark with his spot-on voices is to state the obvious, and it is the
strength of the writing that makes his impressions stand out. Zepps manages to
capture not just the voice but the entire persona and world-view of the pollies he portrays. A whiney Latham is bettered by a hungry Beazley, whilst a romantic dinner for two with Ruddock and Vanstone leaves the audience with the image of two of our most senior lawmakers in the throes of S & M passion - it's enough to make Gareth and Cheryl blush. A short, punchy show with some extremely strong sketches is let down by just the slightest hint of uncertainty from his two side-players.


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