Time to get connected

It's been a busy week for Ari-on-the-web, making the big move from the family home into a comfy little apartment in the tres-chic South Yarra. Posts will be a little slow until we get the internet connection happening at the new place. Any suggestions on a cheap and reliable internet service (and if these requirements didn't already rule out Telstra, then I will now. No Telstra, thanks)?


Michael Barnett said…
Remember www.whirlpool.net.au and consider the aanet $45/month plan
Hamish said…
I can get you 6 months free broadband (if you combine your landlines and mobiles)
Anonymous said…
I'd also say that flicking through Whirlpool is always advisable.

I assume you're going with ADSL.

Recommend iiNet.

You're a renter - watch your contract length and the portability of the account - i.e. charges for relocating the connection if you move or ending the contract before its expiry.

Nothing is ever free.
Benno said…
alphalink or iinet

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