Hamish Malcolm

I was devastated to learn this morning that a friend of mine has passed away. Hamish Malcolm died of cardiac arrest a week short of his 26th birthday. I came to know Hamish this year as a friend, and occasionally rival, within the Political Interest Society. Hamish was a passionate lefty who believed strongly in justice and tolerance, but always managed to keep a sense of humour, often richly sarcastic. Having spent most of his life in Britain, that was where his heart lied, although he was rapidly becoming an honourary Australian after settling in Melbourne to continue studying.

Hamish had a significant on-line presence. You can read his blog Omission of Mercy as well as his lively blogger profile.

Here is the email recieved from the Melbourne University Debating Society explaining of Hamish's death and the events to celebrate his life:

Dear VCs Cuppers,

MUDS has recently received some very sad news regarding one of our members, Hamish Malcolm, who you may have met, chatted to and debated with or against during the VCs cup. He passed away on Wednesday, following a cardiac arrest, aged 25. Hamish was extremely friendly and always keen to be involved with MUDS and he will be sorely missed.

Hamish's funeral will be held this Monday, Oct. 31st 1:00 pm (please arrive early) at Lilydale Cemetery & Memorial Park 126-128 Victoria Rd.

His family has requested that the dress for the funeral be very casual (ie: jeans, cargos, etc.) and that no flowers be brought as the family is providing one floral tribute.

The following night Hamish's good friend Ali Lemer has organised to celebrate Hamish's 26th Birthday which would have been that day. So on Tuesday, Nov. 1st 7:30 pm at 6/48 Leicester Street (between Victoria and Queensberry, opposite Queen Vic Market) Carlton please join us to remember the good times. If any of you have photos of Hamish, Ali was making a slideshow for Tueday and would greatly appreciate any help in this regard. If you can help or need to contact Ali his phone number is 04xx xxx xxx and email a.lemer@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au.

If any of you would like more information regarding either of these events please contact us.

We hope you are all well,
and best of luck with assessment period,


Rest in Peace, Hamish.

Hamish Malcolm
Hamish Malcolm, 1979-2005

UPDATE, 1/11, 10:25am: Though I only knew Hamish for a few months, I can't help but think of him frequently. So young to be taken from us. I'll be going this evening to the tribute night for Hamish. Apologies to Ali, Hamish's girlfriend, for repeating the MUDS mistake of calling she a he, and also for publishing a mobile number. Sorry, Ali, and my heart goes out to you for the loss that you've suffered.

UPDATE, 13/11, 9:13am: It's been wonderful to see the comments and emails from some of Hamish's friends in the UK. A touching tribute to Hamish has been published in a local newspaper. A memorial service has been planned at Hamish's old university in the UK, Nottingham Uni. It's taking place on 20 November at 2:30pm in the Portland Building. Details in the article. Any reports back from this service would be most welcome.


Jeremy said…
No way, that's awful news. I knew the guy through PIS too and while he was always to the left of me, he was a great one to have a chat with and, like you said, always kept a good sense of sarcastic humour in his comments. Man, that's heavy. RIP Hamish.
Jeremy said…
It's really creepy seeing his blog still up as if he were still alive.
Anonymous said…
My condolences. He seems like he was a great guy.
Anonymous said…
thats dreadful, my condolences to all of his family and friends. There is/was a Hamish who posted regularly in the Andrew Bolt forum. Reading his blog, and given the little I know about Hamish's politics, is this the same person?
Anonymous said…
Hi. This is Ali. I'm female, not male as it says up there, and Hamish was my sweetheart and my best friend. I was googling his name when I found this blog, so I just wanted to set the record straight.

Re: the Bolt forums: I read through the forums and that is definitely some other Hamish posting there. Besides the fact that it's not written in our Hamish's style, on 13/10 this other guy also mentions having gone to private school with the children of AFL coaches. Hamish Malcolm wasn't raised in Australia, but England, where he went to the local state-run schools. Anyway, just thought I'd post about that.

Jeremy, if you want to come to the party we're having on Tuesday 1/11, get in touch with me ASAP so I can give you the information.

Thanks everyone, for your condolences. I'll pass them on to his family.
Anonymous said…

I only found out about this Yesterday, please recieve my deepest condolences. I ...knew Hamish since he was 15 when we were growing up together. Damn shame.
Anonymous said…
I only found out today and wish to pass my deepest condolences to everyone that has been effected by this tragidy. I knew Hamish quite will during our school days as we took the same A-levels. It is a real shame
Anonymous said…

I used to work with Hamish when he was at Nexor in the UK, before his grand tour and eventual arrival in Oz. There's a memorial for him on 20th November at Nottingham University, and there will be plenty of his former work colleagues there to pay their respects. As I've said elsewhere, he was definately one of the good guys - never trivial, sometimes over-ernest, but always well-liked.

Requiescat in pace.

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