Sure beats Adelaide

I've been reading two very interesting travellogues of late, and they're both worth having a glance at.

Chris Berg is in Hong Kong, and soon Beijing, with an NGO at the World Trade Organisation conference:

There were an enormous amount of cops, armed with big roman-style shields, little hoplite-style shields, and big computer-game-style shotguns. And, apparently, pepper spray. But none of it mattered, because, apart from the intimidatory tactics by the Hong Kong police, nothing happened. The police drew a line just off the beach, about 1km from the convention centre itself, and the protest was unable to pass that line. While the media I have seen has reported a few skirmishes, it has massively overplayed the extent of the violence. Nothing happened.

DMargster (that's Daniel to you and me) is living it up in crazy, crazy Hanoi:

It's also incredibly noisy because of drivers' monotonous use of their horn. From about 6am to 9pm you cannot hear much of anything for the blare of horns. But here the horn is not used to indicate anger or impatience; it's used simply to communicate the presence of the driver. It seems contradictory that with all the noise and movement around the people can be so calm, but somehow in Hanoi they manage to pull it off.

Check em out.

UPDATE, 23/12, 3:40am: And another one, this time from Bryce (not blogging, unfortunately) who's in the northern hemisphere. All of it:

I am in Paris

hqve just spent 2 weeks in NYC; had great time.

the french totally dig ,y butchery of their language and me in general. So they should -- i have embraced their culture: unlike the terrible anglo-saxons i am currently travelling with, i do not get hang up on showering.

I just qte at a place called "Flunch" . I made a great joke to the cashier about whether they serve "Flinner". Did not get a laugh.

French keyboards do not have apostrophes.

Hope all is well in countries where people do not wear thermal underwear.


Anonymous said…
Hi Ari,

Did you enjoy tea last night with the nana and cousin.

Luv aunty
K said…
yes my sources can confirm about the first quote in HK :-)

Apparently the reporters where wearing helmets, and for no reason either.

Also, some interesting stuff going on with those arrested, no toilet breaks etc.
boy_fromOz said…
is that really your Aunty, Ari?

not necessarily my business to ask...

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