Leaves plenty of time for riding the tram

Three cheers for Kate Louise Howard, Wales's finest under 48kg female weightlighter. From my quick assessment, Kate was athlete who managed to be the first eliminated from the Commonwealth Games whilst achieving the least. Kate came last in her one and only event today, and managed to successfully lift the weight in just one of her six attempts, snatching a moderate 58kg into the air.

Still, she managed to achieve more and last longer that Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett and Ari Sharp combined.

Well done, Kate.


Anonymous said…
Not that I like sport, but bit harsh big A.

I think you'd struggle to lift that amount, and struggle even more to fit into her weight category.

Love from Lord Cheese
Stephen said…
At least she leaves more room for the gorgeous Canadian silver medallist Marilou Dozois-Prevost (as "boyfriend" Olivier Pirnay heads onto my "people I envy" list).
Anonymous said…
C'mon, Lord Cheese...

He did add himself to the list of lesser achievers! And plus which, he lifts more than 58kg every time he gets out of bed :) (and yes, so do I, before you say it :P)
Anonymous said…
I think someone lost a badmition match that morning before she'd lost.

Plus if I was a chick and younger I reckon weight lifting would be an easy sport to do relatively well due to a lack of depth in the sport.

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