Coming to America

I'm on the road again...

Today I'm heading off to the United States for five weeks, to see what there is to see. Initially I was keen to do a Red State tour of America, visiting the southern states which in recent generations have become a Republican stronghold. Alas, by the time I spent a decent period on the very blue east and west coasts, my time in the middle was squeezed. Kind of symbolic of the way most of us see the country.

So the itinerary? Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, St Louis, New Orleans, San Antonio.

Going to be in town? Drop me an email. You know the drill.

Normal transmittion with continue from the AOTW OB van. Stay tuned.


Michael Barnett said…
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Anonymous said…

1. Make sure you come back with plenty of anecdotes about how ppl feel in the New Orleans and the flood. A story on Par with that Redfern's aboriginal community (think it was Redfern) in sydney would be nice!

2. Drink lots of water... You can't exactly be in Absentia while you're oversees...

3. Take care of yourself.

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