And now, the end is near...

After two-and-a-half years, 572 posts, and a lot of late nights that could have been spent watching Letterman, AOTW will enter a permanent hiatus. It's been a fun journey, traversing an ecletic range of topics in a way that impressed some and bemused many. I've said plenty of things that I'm proud of, and a few that I regret, but either way I've enjoyed the process of finding my own voice and claiming a small soapbox as my very own.

I've been debating with myself whether or not to take the AOTW archive off-line. In the end I think I'll keep it accessible, both because of the reality that once something is published it can never really be unpublished, and because I think readers are intelligent enough to realise that one's past can never be a guide to one's future.

Now I'm moving on to greener pastures, having started this week as a trainee reporter at one of Australia's most influential newspapers. The blogosphere is regularly gloating over the impending demise of newspapers, but yet so much blog content is derived from them. Much like newspapers survived radio and television, they will survive the technological age. Indeed, more than merely survive, newspapers are making this new media their own. It really is an exciting time to be a part of it.

Whatever happens from here, I'll know one thing for sure: I did it my way.


Anonymous said…
We've appreciated sharing the journey. Enjoy Letterman!
Anonymous said…
Been fun reading your blog over the past year or so that I have.

All the best with The Age - look forward to reading some Ari In a Broadsheet.
Anonymous said…

I understand your position. I don't agree with you though. Ones past is sometimes a beneficial factor in ones future. At other times it proves to be such a detriment to oneself and others it becomes the tale of woe, best left a vestige. But sometimes it comes back. To reclaim the past. And vindicate itself and the "other"

Arrogation is ubiquitous. Morality is divisible. A publication is both. No matter where it comes from.

If you become a creature of the land just be sure to never forget you're sustained by the sea. Just like everyone else.
Anonymous said…
Greener pastures??? Lets hope so in more ways than one Mr Ari! Just kidding, enjoy, go forth and...


Anonymous said…
Look the old adage {just a pun} Goodbye and Goodluck,
Wishing you a great future, but will miss your blog,
Anonymous said…
Hey Ari, Came over to catch up on your posts and was surprised to see you retiring from the blog scene. Can I talk you into leaving the blog alive and just post less? That's worked for me over the past few years. ;)

At any rate, I hope that in some way you can at least keep this blog open for reference. The North Korea posts in particular should have a permanent home on the Web somewhere.
Anonymous said…
I've enjoyed reading - hope the mainstream media proves a good outlet for your writing.
Anonymous said…
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Lisa said…
Well Ari you raised your profile amongst a bunch of people who probably wouldn't have recognised you for years without the initial blogosphere presence.

Fare well and look forward to your writings in The Age onaline.

Just a note on what you said about MSM. I think you're right that it is here to stay. However, my habit more and more is simply to read what gets filtered from MSM by bloggers so it saves me time and I can easily get news/comment/opinion flavoured towards the key things that interest me.
Anonymous said…
Hi Ari,

Good bye and good luck for the future at The Age.

JeSsE said…
congratulations on that new stint.. though this is a little late hehe...
Anonymous said…
No new post?
Elisa said…
I wish you all the best for the future!
betty said…
Best wishes amd good luck!
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