It's not a tumour... actually it is

In years past I've had great fun blogging. While I hope other people get a kick out of the things I write, my primary audience is myself. The process of putting idle thoughts in print (or pixels) can be remarkably therapeutic.

Right now I could do with some therapy. I've just learned I have a serious health condition - primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma - that will keep me busy for the next six months or more. This will be six months of chemotherapy, nausea, hair loss, exhaustion, infection risk and rest, hopefully with some joyous moments along the way. (Heck, I'll take dull moments where I can.)

My plan is to capture some of the experience in my blog. It won't be an exhaustive account but it will give some insight into the process. I hope to learn a bit along the way. Other people might as well.

Enjoy the ride!


TP said…
Love to read if your interactions with ACT medical system.
Tim Kelly said…
Good luck with what is to come. Let me know if there's anything I can do - if you're in Canberra (?). On that front, I cook a mean lasagne, I hear that the bridge to bridge walk around Lake Burley Griffin in a very calming one and I for one should do more of that, or for the less energetic pursuit I also own an extensive board game collection.
Unknown said…
Very sorry to hear that, Ari, and I wish you the smoothest treatment ride possible. Take care. Jock
Ashlee said…
Hey Ari,

I'm really sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but glad that they are on to it and you are getting the treatment you need. Wishing you all the best with the next six months. I've had a bit of a rough year on the health front too (though nothing quite as serious), and blogging definitely helps the coping process.

All the very best.

Unknown said…
Hi Ari,

Celia told us about your illness and also pointed us at the blog. Having been through the odd medical emergency - including eight hours of surgery in a Chinese hospital many years ago - I'm delighted that you are retaining your sense of humour. I think it makes a vital contribution to recovery. From watching friends who have had to deal with serious medical conditions over the years, those who remain positive and retain the ability to laugh, in I tough times, recovery quickest. Also, if you need a break in a lovely, peaceful place not far from the. sea, we'd be happy to look after you. We even have fresh, unwilted, bok choy in the vegetable detention centre. Warm regards from Zena and Peter.
Anonymous said…
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