Harbin a great time

Sorry about the lack of posting of late. I've been up to all sorts of strange things in the supercold ex-Soviet Chinese city of Harbin. A fascinating history to this place, which leaves a lingering hatred of the Russians and the Japanese, as well as the shell of a large Jewish community. Thesedays, the place is famous (well, these things are all relative really, given that few people have ever heard of the place anyway) for its magnificent ice festival, which sees snow and ice sculptures dot the city and fill a large park. The sculptures truly are breathtaking, even if the weather makes the taking of breath a rather perilous task.

Anyhow, am bound for Beijing tonight (Monday) and will write some more soon. Tuesday is Chinese New Year, and this place is expected to be something to behold. I look forward to sleeping and drinking my way through it.


Anonymous said…
Ari, keep yourself warm. On a news item on tv they showed a hotel made out of ice. It is probably the area that you have visisted.
Keep warm.
Anonymous said…
How is the brass monkey?
FXH said…
ari - i'm jealous. the harbin ice sculptures are famous world wide.

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