I bet they're jealous in Cannes...

Look what will be showing when I hit town next week (straight from KCNA - this stuff is funny enough without any smartarse tops or tails):

Ten-day Film Show Opens
Pyongyang, February 9 (KCNA) -- A ten-day film show opened to celebrate the birthday of leader Kim Jong Il (February 16). Shown in this period will be Korean documentary films including "February 16, Greatest Holiday of Nation" and "Holding Great Brilliant Commander in High Esteem", which tell about the feats performed by Kim Jong Il leading the Songun revolution. To be screened also are feature films depicting the indomitable struggle of the Korean army and people such as "Battalion Commander of Ridge Chol," "People of Jagang Province" and "Ten Party Members Today."
An opening ceremony was held at the People's Palace of Culture Tuesday.
Minister of Culture Choe Ik Gyu made an address at the ceremony.
At the end of the ceremony the participants watched the documentary film "Bringing about Great Change in Fields on Outskirts of Pyongyang" and the feature film "Bouquet of Dandelion."


Anonymous said…
sounds like lots of fun equal to the melbourne and stkilda film festivals

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