New food blog

The multitalented Linh Tran has launched her new restaurant review blog, poking fun at some of the more affordable eateries around this fair city. As Linh's frequent dining companion, I can vouch for the tenacity of her culinary investigative skills. Whatever the hell that means. Check it out.



as a fellow reader of Crikey, I'm sure you've seen the recent discussion of legal suits by restaurants against unfavourable reviewers. Who would of thought chefs were thin skinned? ;)

Anyway, I'm not meaning to scare Linh from her new project, but the power to make or break businesses (I'm sure the blog has a loyal legion of followers already) must be used with care.

To quote the famous NY restaurant critic Stan Lee (oh, I think he did some comics too): "With great power comes great responsibility".

PS As you can see, I have turned my sign-off into a proper blog identity now. :)

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