What a wonderful world

On Thursday night, my aunt Deb and uncle Peter gave birth (well, she did at least) to two beautiful baby girls, who are - as those of you with a modest understanding of familial relations will attest - my cousins.

Seeing these two newborns living and breathing on their own was a magical experience. Whilst not one to get sentimental about babies, it was hard not to become gooey and emotional at the site of these two tiny creatures. Their facial features are so incredibly finely crafted, with distinctive curves, dainty eyes, and a scalp that is so thin and delicate that the veins can be seen running across the top. They might be just three days old, but already they've completed one incredible journey.

So here are B1 and B2 Ernest (first names pending):

First born baby
Second born baby

Click here for more photos of these two.

UPDATE, 21/6 1:24am: We now have names for these two bundles o' joy. Twin one (top photo) is Netani Amana Ernest, and twin two (bottom photo) is Sasha Alessandra Ernest. Not likely to be too many people with those names spinning around the world.


Unknown said…
They are adorable! Congratulations on two new cousins!
Anonymous said…
Yes very cute. And next time, remember, women give birth - men watch and are useful only for boiling water and fetching towels (Don't believe me? Seriously, last birth I was at, there was a lot of boiling water and some fetching towels - we ran out of hot water for the birth pool).

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