Latham pisstake

Kerry and Mark? Nope, it's John and Bryan:

INTERVIEWER: Gee, you've cut quite a swathe this week.

MARK LATHAM: I don't know about a swathe, Bryan, but I certainly cut a bit of a swathe during the week.

INTERVIEWER: It's a tough business, isn't it, politics?

MARK LATHAM: I don't know about tough, Bryan, but I'll tell you something about this business, it's pretty tough.

INTERVIEWER: Didn't you know it was going to be tough when you went into it, though?

MARK LATHAM: Yeah, yeah. You don't go into a business like this, Bryan, without knowing it's going to be tough. I knew it would be tough. I knew it would be tough. I knew it would be tough.

INTERVIEWER: Did anything surprise you about it, though?

MARK LATHAM: Only the toughness, Bryan, only the toughness.

INTERVIEWER: But you would have expected that, wouldn't you?



Anonymous said…
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That was hilarious. I actually wanted to kill the telemarketer who called me in the middle of it to see if I wanted to reduce my mortgage payments.

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