A sign of things to come?

Earlier this week the Israelis concluded the bravest political move in the Middle East in a long time - the withdrawal from Gaza. For Sharon, this was a tough move which may still endanger his political career, though. Now that the withdrawal is complete, the pressure shifts back on the Palestinian Authority to see how it handles the governance of a newly 'liberated' political entity.

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This aint a good start.

For more on the burning of Synagogues, and the international media response, check out HonestReporting.


Anonymous said…
Good on you Ari for drawing attention to this act of vandilism. No one seems to care except us (meaning Jews). Total hypocracy shown by the MEDIA and world governments.

See you at the big bash.

Good Shabbos, Aunty
Anonymous said…
Lets face it Ariel, what did u expect them to do with the 'gogues'?
- turn them into mosques and pray in them?
- leave them in the middle of their own cities as a constant reminder of occupation?

The Israeli government left synagogues and army installations. They didn't leave housing (not that the Palestinians claimed to want it) to serve their own interests. Army installations so the Palestinian forces had a better chance of policing the area and Synagogues so it looked bad on TV. And no i cant blame isreal for acting in their own self interest. neither can i blame the palestinian people for doing the same.

But I do feel bad for the Israelis who now have to put up with Hamas being able to get wander into Egypt to get better weapons easier. Lets face it. if ur an Egyptian soldier are u really gonna risk ur life on the Gaza-Egypt border to ultimately save the life of an Israeli. I dont think so.

Also, what happens when u give back the West Bank and they want Jerusalem?

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