Exams etc

Apologies for the lack of posts of late. Exams have been keeping me busy, and this will continue until they finish on 17 November.

In the meantime, check out the ridiculous looking model who was staring out at me from the cover of Vogue Australia in the check-out queue at Coles this afternoon (so that's why they call it a check out):

It's Miss Neptune

This odd looking thing bears a striking resemblence to a space alien, whatever they happen to look like. Perhaps this is Neptune's entrant in the Miss Universe contest.


Lisa said…

Her face looks a bit like Barbie's. It looks like one yank and it would pop off revealing that little round knob above the neck on a doll.
K said…
I'm hoping this is one of those lets point out how extreme fashion or rather role models are.

Rather than a lets just criticise/debate female's apperance to death in the way that the majority of the society(myself on occasion too) tend too.

Either way good luck with the exams!
Coal said…
oh you're just envious of her good looks!
Anonymous said…
Dear god, that's just freakishly thin. The skin looks stretched. What's the point of having a neckline like that on an outfit if there's nothing there?

Yeash, that's jsut too extereme and unrealistic. Scary even.

Good luck with Exams A.
Freeworldnik said…
Gday Ari,

Good luck with exams- I finish on the same day as you :)

As for the model, that's certainly cleared my head of the International Law muddle that's been swirling around it for the last few days.

I think I'm gonna have nightmares about a cross between her and the fembots from Austin Powers smashing down the wall of my bedroom.

Say hi to Jesse,

NahumAyliffe said…

Nice pic Ari. I can't see the problem with the model, although it does look like she has missed a couple of meals.

Suffering as I do from being an extremely skinny bastard, perhaps this poor lass has the same problem I have in that she might not be able to gain weight despite her best efforts.

Having said that, it looks as though she might not have eaten since Christmas 2001...

Stop reading shite magazines Ari. I love the way you had to justify your connection. I was reading the stories... I was in the supermarket... I swear I wasn't looking for porn... ;)
Anonymous said…
you people disgust me. when will u be happy with what she loox like. when she fulfills ur personal preference for how a woman should look, live and let live.

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