"This summer I went swimming..."

Birds are chirping, flowers are blossoming, sandy beaches are doing their best to hide their syringes... it is indeed a wonderful world. As of 4:17 on Thursday afternoon, I finished my exams, and hence my studies, for yet another year. This has left me with a chasmically long gap over summer which I have been eagerly awaiting. Amongst my many projects of summer fun are:

- Getting this blog happening regularly again. Perhaps I need an electronic dose of Metamucil to get back in the habit. One of my first blogging projects will be the continuation of my brief, copyright-breaching synopsis of The Latham Diaries, which I hilariously titled "The 'The Latham Diaries' Diaries". Eager readers would be aware that I got kind of bored with the project and stopped in 1999, but never fear, since the next six years of synopsising is about to commence.

- Reading. For pleasure. Another habit I wish to restart, and I have a backlog of interesting books on my shelf to keep me amused. First up is Don Watson's 'Death Sentence: The Decay of Public Language', which will be followed in no particular order by Hugh Lunn's 'Working for Rupert', Michael Fullilove's 'Men and Women of Australia!' (admittedly, this will be breaching my policy of never reading a book with an exclamation mark in the title, but I'll blame that on the publisher) and Glenn A Baker's 'On the road to Damascus'.

- Watching. Woody Allen, David Cronenberg and Christopher Nolan. The directorial stars in my cinematic night sky. People whose work I really ought to become reacquainted with.

- Talking. Many friends have been put on indefinite hold, and for that I am sorry. I'll be making contact in the next little while and rekindling many a near-domant friendship.

- Eating. This summer, I'm going to learn to cook. So far my repertoire in the kitchen doesn't extend far beyond stir fry, pasta, pizza, omelette and the occasional slice of burnt toast. I want to learn how to get the most out of my wok, cook with rise, and make sweet things that rise rather than flop.

No doubt more projects will come to mind, but for now these are the things keeping me busy. Excitement like this is hard to contain.


Lisa said…
Looking forward to new segments of the Diaries' Diaries!
NahumAyliffe said…
Good work son! I have to do some reading myself. One must read or one loses interest in reading altogether.. I can feel my vocabulary shrinking.

I made a banana cake today. It sucked big time. That restaurant we went to the other night was great. Pellegrini's. Why learn to cook when you can get that fine cuisine so cheaply there?

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