Sex and Cricket

Twenty20 is to cricket what pornography is to sex. It's a mere extraction of the whole and utterly fails to do justice to the real thing. Like porn, Twenty20 satisfies the most immediate carnal urges of its participants and spectators in a way that is rewarding in the thrawl of the moment, but it retrospect leaves a feeling of deep unsatifaction. At best, Twenty20 can mimic cricket, in the same way that porn mimics sex, but in the end it just leaves you longing for something meaningful.

Whilst Twenty20 contains the most exciting parts of the test and one-day game - there are plenty of spectacular wickets taken and sixes scored - it is devoid of the rythym and reward for perseverence that makes the sport so special. Instead, it falls victim to the need for instant gratification.

It's a shame, really, since the commercial appeal of this form of the game is likely to trump the merits of longer forms. Twenty20 is artless, soulless, and at the end of three hours the whole things feels rather silly and juvenile. Sounds perfect for TV.


Jim Woodcock said…
I disagree totally. I think Twenty20 is a legitimate sport with its own strategies, tactics and skills.

That said, it’s a pity Cricket Australia felt the need to play 5 second snippets of music between each ball, bring the boundary rope in about as far as 10 metres in some places, and have Ricky Ponting and Graeme Smith giving special comments while they’re on the field. The name “Big Bash” isn’t giving the sport enough credit either.

It has been ironic though to hear some people saying that Twenty20 may detract from the “traditional” forms of the game... such as one-day cricket.
Sammo said…
I'm with you Ari. Get rid of it. It's basically the last 10 overs (the worst 10 overs) of a one-day innings x 2. While you're at it, get rid one-day cricket too, it should have died with KP. Nothing excites me less than watching a team lose three wickets in the first 10 overs, then sit there until the last 10 before blasting 150 runs. Unfortunetly that covers just about every game these days. Where's the anti-Packer when you need him?
Jim Woodcock said…
There is no anti-Packer. There’s only a helicopter pilot who wants his kidney back.

Besides, the whole Kerry Packer World Series Cricket thing should have taught Cricket Australia the importance of never leaving a market untapped.

It would be a shame if they did, and then some media mogul decided that a breakaway Twenty20 league would be perfect for their pay-TV service. (It rates very well, by the way.)
Anonymous said…
Good porn has it's place in life, but sadly most people only know of the totally classless stuff. Ari, I'm sure even a good boy like you has made use of a copy of Playboy or Penthouse at least once in your life!
Anonymous said…
Comment whore! Used the good ol' "sex in the headline to catch the eye" trick!

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