Summer reading fun

It's 40 degrees outside, the cricket's on TV and there are icypoles in the freezer, so why on earth would you head outside? Instead, sit back, relax and have a read:

Rob has hit the road and is now in the subcontinent. Follow his adventures through India and place bets on precisely which day he'll get Delhi Belly. This way to Planet Rob.

Before there was Big Brother, before there was Gladiators, and even before there was Man O Man (Rob Guest, where is he now??) there was It's A Knockout. IAK was the ultimate goofy game show, with a huge set, big props, bright colours and grown men and women regularly humiliating themselves. To learn all there is to learn about IAK, and plenty more, visit Andrew Grey's wonderful tribute site. Appropriately enough for such a proudly daggy show, the site is hosted by Geocities. Enjoy!

We're all familar with Wikipedia, the hip and cool great grandchild to Old Grandpa Britannica, but few are familiar with Uncyclopedia, the deranged and highly inappropriate cousin. Uncyclopedia is everything that Brittanica and Wikipedia isn't - it's highly speculative, grossly biased, juveline and mostly fiction. You'll love it.

Anyone else care to recommend some online summer reading?


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