And to think I should be studying for an exam...

The latest edition of Melbourne Pixel is online.

Okay, so nepotism might have taken me to the site, but it's quality content that kept me there. For twenty minutes now, and counting. If you can find yourself a more stylishly designed bit of cyber-real estate, I'd love to see it.

And the ever thoughtful Nahum was at the Make Poverty History Forum yesterday at the Town Hall, and shares some of his thoughts with the MG collecting community.


I'm surprised you haven't found the time to comment on the controversy surrounding the Greens candidate for Prahran. Do you agree with Andrew Landeryou on this one?
Dan said…
Hey Ari

I wanted to post a comment on Nahum's site but it asks me to "log in or register" so I will be lazy and comment here instead.

Nahum refers to a new report saying Australians spend more on pets (pampering pets with stupid accessories etc) than on foreign aid. My querie is whether that report compares apples with apples. I have a hunch that it compares private pet spending with public aid. If private contributions to aid via NGOs were factored in I think we would get a much more positive image of Australian priorities.

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