Prahran: A late starter joins the race

Nominations have closed for candidates for the State Election, and the fine citizens of Prahran are blessed with four (count 'em, FOUR!) humanoids desperate to represent them on Spring Street:

Candidates in ballot paper order

WALKER, Justin




Justin, Tony and Clem are well known to this blog, but Gary Pinto is the New Kid on The Block (you'll see why that's funny mildly amusing in a moment).

So just who is Gary Pinto?

The Family First website is largely unhelpful, other than for its colourful and multi font-filled way of telling the world sweet FA.

Lower House Candidate
Details of this candidate will be added shortly.
For more information contact

But a Google search is revealing.

Hit Number 2 is Infusion Nites, who tell us this about the wannabe MP:

Gary Pinto

Australian singer/songwriter Gary Pinto is a man of distinct sound and great vocal talent. Gary fronted the Melbourne based R&B outfit CDB in the mid 1990s and after the group separated, Gary went on to pursue a solo career. Gary's smooth vocals are showcased in his music which is soulful, inspirational, and positively charged.

...and a little futher down the Googlelist we stumble across Pinto's Guy Sebastian connection:

The deeply religious Sebastian said at the weekend he did not intend to moralise to women on the subject but believes establishing such a clinic was vital to help women make informed decisions regarding the consequences of abortion.

"I've met a few women who have had one and their stories are just horrific, they just shock you," he said in Adelaide on Saturday. "Some have never recovered.
"It's the worst thing to do – make an uninformed, uneducated decision. That's how stuff goes wrong."

The planned centre would be aimed at helping both women who have had abortions and those who are considering having them, Sebastian said

"I'm anti-abortion; I don't believe any human being has the right to decide the fate of another, but I'm totally against telling other people what to do," he said.

He hopes to establish the centre with the help of one of his backing singers, Gary Pinto, who was formerly part of the group CDB.

The links between Sebastian, Family First and the Assemblies of God are well known.

That style of Christianity has struck a chord with outer-suburbanites, many of whom are deeply conservative 'aspirational class' voters. It's much less certain, however, that this brand of family values will play well in the god-forsaken heathen-loving idol-worshipping Sodomite Kingdom of Prahran.

Pinto will no doubt have his hands full pitching the Family First message deep in enemy territory. Still, the man can sing. Clem? Tony?


Anonymous said…
ari...your blog is way too high brow...obscure...for me...i recommend that u get back into politics!!

Jim Woodcock said…
Bob Roberts?

BTW, why has the People Power Party put no person in place in Prahran for this present poll? To me that appears to be particularly peculiar.
boy_fromOz said…
Prahran does seem a more natural electorate for People Power than Family First

you'll be glad to know you're not the only one into Clem-On-Youtube, Ari...
Anonymous said…
Amen Cram.

Godspeed Naslut.

- 666 LC 666

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