Selamat datang and all that

Now, where was I?

A little over four years ago I let my blog lie dormant because I had taken a new position at The Age. I had a fantastic time there, was given some great opportunities and met some incredible people (being a business reporter amid the global financial crisis and a politics reporter during the downfall of a Prime Minister is hard to beat). But my wanderlust was getting the better of me and last year I left the paper to seek other opportunities.

Now, I'm less than a week into my time in Jakarta, a heaving mound of humanity that serves as the capital of Indonesia. My plan is to settle down, get to know what makes this place tick, and potentially pick up some work along the way writing, editing or teaching.

Throughout, I'll be sharing it with you on my blog. I'll be writing about Indonesia, its people, its politics, its culture, its economy, its place in the world, and its food. Ah, the food. Who knew so many things would taste so good when deep fried?

Indonesia's a place with a palpable sense of excitement. Now more than a decade on from the stiff autocracy of President Suharto, the place is home to a lively free press, an active civil society, a steadily growing economy and a growing assertiveness abroad. There is a sense that this is a place on the make, one that is capable of great things if the power of its 240 million people can be unleased.

But its one bugbear is corruption, which infects almost every encounter with authority. There are no shortage of fine words being uttered on the need to combat it, but so far it appears to be too great a beast to tackle.

So keep an eye on the blog as I do my best to bring you the most of the humidity, the energy and the chaos of this sprawling metropolis.


Unknown said…
Just when I thought that the internet was safe for children your blog becomes active again.

I must say it is funny reading your last post in 2007 and your attitudes to newspapers. Wonder if they have changed at all in the years since.
Sam said…
Nice work - hope to catch you over there at some point!
malcolmx said…
ari "webmaster general" sharp

new layout? i must say, despite the fact that your blog has been inactive for four years, it has somehow still managed to be more productive (and popular, i assume) than mine in that time.


Anonymous said…
Hi Ari
I'm waiting for the next installment.
Love aunty
Mothy said…
Welcome back, stranger. Just hit a bookmark to your blog by mistake to see it has been revived!
Jakartass said…
Welcome to Jakarta

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