The Army. The Dregs.

The Army.  The Dregs.

Just what is it with military folks and hoods? This is the ADF showing their caring side in Townsville in 2000, with an 'initiation ritual' which consisted of a KKK-style ceremony. Thanks to the Daily Tele for getting onto the story. Given the push for truth in advertising, will we see this on the next batch of recruitment propaganda ads? It is worth asking why it came to light now, four years after being taken, and also important to know just what came of the participants?

UPDATE 11/11 11:20pm. WARNING, WARNING, DESPERATE SPIN ALERT. From the photographer of the offending photo on PM this evening:

RICHARD FRAYLEY: There was no malice in it. Everybody was laughing and joking. If you could get hold of the photo and have a look, everybody's got a smile on their face.

Sure, Richard.


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