Sinking to new depths

This story speaks for itself. It shows how far the rules of modern warfare have changed in the past couple of years. Many of the previously sacrosanct symbols - the UN, international aid workers, CARE - are now seen as legitimate targets. A scary prospect:

New video 'shows Hassan murder'

A video apparently showing the murder of aid worker Margaret Hassan seems to be genuine, says the Foreign Office.

"We now believe that she has probably been murdered", Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said after analysing the tape.

Her Iraqi husband, Tahseen Ali Hassan, has made a plea for her body to be returned to him "to rest in peace".

The rest from the Beeb.

RIP, Margaret.

UPDATE 18/11, 2:10am: Interesting to note the juxtaposition of the Hassan murder with the story of the US marine shooting dead a wounded and unarmed Iraqi in a mosque in Falluja, and caught on camera by an embedded reporter. Tragic though this is, it would be moral equivalence of the worst kind to try and draw some sort of goes-around-comes-around parallel between the two events. The US marine may be facing war crimes charges (an unlikely fate for the murderous thugs who killed Hassan) whilst it was uncertain at the time whether the wounded Iraqi was indeed armed. We can be pretty sure, however, that Hassan went to her death unarmed.


Anonymous said…
What are you talking about? "Rules of modern warfare"? These people aren't some army engaged in warfare - they are murderous psychopaths who have to be hunted down and neutralised.

It's an absolute joke that the tree fellators and liberal thinkers say ZIP about this sort of demonic behaviour, but are prepared to crucify the US when a small minority of its military fall short of the standards that it sets itself.

You watch - the UN, the "international aid workers", CARE etc will STILL speak and behave as if there is no difference between the US and the the murderers. If these people (and Kofi Anan) had been around during WW2, they would have been barracking for the Nazis and the Japanese - you can bet on it!

When are you going to learn to call a spade, a spade?
Polly said…
The people who have done this are evil.
There is no justification for such behaviour.
I think it makes it absolutely clear (if it
wasn't already) that the terrorists in Iraq
have to be stopped before the problems there can be
fixed, regardless of whatever anyone may think
of the rights or wrongs of the Bush
administration's invasion of Iraq in the first

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