Auf Wiedersehen

Farewell drinks tonight went off wonderfully well. The loosely prepared speech, with was one part Bill Bryson, one part Bill Hicks and six parts Fidel Castro was not needed, since the gathering had a rather casual, relaxed vibe and I didn't want to be the one to break the mood.

Thanks to everyone who was there, and a double thanks with a thick Guiness head of cream on top to everyone who was kind enough to give a present. Kind wishes were exchanged in industrial quantities, a few stories swapped and groups of friends from different parts of my life fused together in a wonderfully eclectic gathering. Whatever the hell that means.

To prove I'm not making it up, here's a photo:

A whole lotta happy faces, and one strange looking one.

Looking through the round window, I can see Gil and Michael and Rob and Ari (with an odd pocket bulge) and in the front is Hannah, who looks like she's just seen Osama. And if you look in the background you might even see an Aussie Ankle Biter, although that's Senator Aussie Ankle Biter to you.


Troy said…
Small world.

Tell Mermelstein that Troy "Ozzy" Nelson says hi. Give him my blog adress too
Anonymous said…
Good onya Ari
All the best and I hope you had a drink or two for me....take care.

Tom J.
Anonymous said…
hey ari, i didnt give you permission to post that comment!
Anonymous said…
Who is the Aussie ankle biter? Have a safe trip.

Are you sure you're not taking a mobile?


Anonymous said…
Farewll Ari,

sorry i couldn't attend drinks (stupid hayfever season)

am so very jealous

have a great time!

Umm said…
Had a good night Ari, hope your travels go well. i expect to read all about them right here :)

Aussie Ankle Biter
Anonymous said…
Ari, we did not say you could post that photo.
we were looking at your website at school and we saw in one (1) blog you wrote the f word so we will sue.
from your haters,
Leeav,Lauren and your stupid sister Hannah.
Polly said…
Hi Ari,

Sorry I couldn't make it. Have a great trip, and love to catch up with you
when you're back.

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