The boring stuff

Greetings from Mue Ne, a sleepy little beachside town that goes off at night. Think of it like the Lorne of Vietnam, except without the Schoolies.

Nothing much to report about Vietnam itself from this particular vantage point. There are lots of Russians. Tourists can be arseholes. The sun is hot. Stuff happens.

A few quick bits and pieces about whatever:

- Sorry to those of you who got my little email, and when you clicked through on the link which was supposed to take you to the blog found yourself on the Mega site of bible studies and information. My bad. Hopefully with a bit of deft enginuity you would have spotted my typo and clicked through to the correct site. If not, then you won't be reading this and the message is largely irrelevant.

- The itinerary on the right keeps chopping and changing. I've recently decided to abandon my plans to visit Laos on the grounds that (a) it's too far (b) it's too boring and (c) I still can't work out how to pronounce it. Instead, there will be more time in Vietnam.

- I have a big, red, scratchy, itchy sunburn across my arms, legs and back. You would have thought that growing up in the era of Slip, Slop, Slap that I would be vaguely aware of the need to take care in the sun. But I'm on holidays, and the sun didn't feel too hot and the time, and now I am paying the price. Such is life.

Next stop - Nha Tranh.


Anonymous said…
Hi Ari,

Haven't posted for a while so I thought I would now, even though i have nothing to say. The day has been pretty boring for me, i've read a lot of Harry Potter. Hope you've had a good christmas and are enjoying your trip.


P.S I've always thought that Laos was pronounced sort of like a cross between lice and ouch. Was I wrong? Is it more like Lay-os? Or something else?

P.P.S I didn't get your little email. Am a little insulted now that i've found out about it. Thought we were friends.
Anonymous said…
Ho Ho Ho merry it might be a comfort for you to know by the time you get to China you will have frost bite, enjoy Nan S
Anonymous said…
Hi Ari,

Be careful with the sunburn. Cousin starts tour on Sunday. Hopefully you can make some kind of contact with him along the way. Your family is well. Took them to the airport last night erev Xmas.
Keep safe.
Anonymous said…
Hi Ari

Met a couple from Laos on the plane last night they told me it is pronounced LaOS with an S on the end.

Sending this from Bankok Airport
Anonymous said…
Sunburn: Shame, shame, shame

(can I cut out your melanoma???)


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