I didn't do it.

Hello all. I've just logged on for the first time in two days and heard the horrible news. I was completely oblivious to it all, with only a few murmers from other tourists about something dangerous happening in Sri Lanka. I had no idea of the scale. I'm stuck in Vietnam at the moment, a fascinating place but not the place to be when big news is breaking. The little TV that I have seen has all been on the three government-owned channels, which have marked the natural disaster by screening wall-to-wall aging American movies with bad dubbing. Just like they honour every other day.

Personally, I was completely unaffected by it. At the time when the earthquake hit I was in Nha Trang, a beachside resort on the east coast of Vietnam. Thankfully we were far enough from the site of the quake to be unaffected by it. No tsunami. No tremors. Clearly, we were the lucky ones.


Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you're OK, Ari. I'm amazed you only just found out. Does it affect where you where planning to go on the rest of your trip?
Anonymous said…
Ari, glad to hear you are ok. I was a little worried about you. When you have time possibly you can contact cousin. Don't know where he is atm in Viet.
The tsumani was very bad. Cold today in Melb. All ok.
Anonymous said…
how lucky you are to be out of thailand and burma also Jesse missed it be 3 days his flight landed in Phuket, the rest of the Sharps are also safe and sound Nan S
Anonymous said…
Sharps in TA also knew nothing about tsunami until told today by fellow Aussies. All safe and enjoying great weather in eretz israel
Michael Barnett said…
We're eally glad to hear you are well. We were concerned about you. As they say - ignorance is bliss.

Mikey & Dean.

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