I'm bound for Myanmar later today, a place largely secluded from the rest of the world. Unfortunately internet access will be out for the week (well, almost, you can check your email... well, not your email, but a government created email account... oh the joy) so the blog will probably sit idle for that time. There'll be a full report back when I get back to Bangkok next Saturday, but until then sit back, relax, watch the cricket, and most a comment. The comments have been a bit scarcer than I was hoping for recently!


Anonymous said…
I have read every word and will miss your obs next week.I hope u don,t disappear in Burma {sorry Myammar}
because we will never know , s
Anonymous said…
Sharpy keep up the good work. This stuff is gold, you could turn this blog into a travel book when you're finished - 'Sharpy's adventures through Asia'.

I look forward to reading about your adventures in Myanmar, seeing as we usually don't get to hear as much about that nation as we do about Thailand.

Anonymous said…
Comments are scarce? Nah, we're all just waiting for the next instalment! It's worse than "24" as you never know when the next one's coming!

Take care in Myanmar, looking forward to hearing what it's all about...

Anonymous said…
Stop being a comments whore!

J xox

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