The "peace" movement at work

Blue and green should never be seen...

A perfect juxtaposition, really: The Greens triangles alongside the burning of an Israeli flag. Forget the politics of it, just think of the pollution.

Thanks to The Age, with a hat-tip to the mysterious "aunty" (no, not Aunty).


Anonymous said…
Musing a little further about triangles, noting the Star of David consists of two of them, and reading that "In Kabbalah, the two triangles represent the dichotomies inherent in man: good vs. evil, spiritual vs. physical, etc." I'm wondering if this explains why the Greens have such a holier than thou attitude since their single offering points only toward heaven?


Anonymous said…
Context is important - the protest was a peace march on the anniversary of Hiroshima.

I imagine the greens in the photo were there for that, not the burning of the Israeli flag....
Anonymous said…
A nice comment on the current spin by John Spooner (courtey of Tim Blair's site):

Anonymous said…
Cameron that sounds like the kind of thing Dan Brown would say...

Theres enough superstition in Judaism already...
Anonymous said…
Hey Anon,

Dan Brown, Bob Brown?….errr…no we shouldn’t go there. However the story of Haym Solomon has always tickled my fancy.

“Haym Solomon (or Salomon) (1740–1785) was a prime financier of the American side during the American Revolutionary War against the United Kingdom. A Jew, he was born in Lissa, Poland, the son of a rabbi. He died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”

Haym is purported to have designed the Seal of the United States. The arranging of the 13 stars into a Star of David was a marvellous touch. The individual stars were also six pointed until the turn of last century when they were trimmed by one.

Love that dollar note.



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