Prahran: Clem blogs!

Guess which very funky Liberal candidate for Prahran has been in touch with the electorate's most-incisive-but-slack blogger?:

hi Ari,
good to see such a detailed commentary on the election (although you haven't posted for some time!).

You may want to have a look at my site

I have attached a flier I will be delivering next week for your information (perhaps the first political flier ever which contains neither a party logo nor headshot!)

best wishes,

Okay, I bite.

Looks like Clem wants a seat... geddit?

(Note: the panel on the right was blank in the version CNB flicked my way, so I guess that's how it will go out to voterland. Perhaps voters will write comments... which is more than can be said for Clem's blog. Joke, Joyce.)

I look forward to reading some blogging posts from the campaign trail. Politicians and candidates entering the blogosphere are becoming more and more common, which can only be a good thing for helping punters connect with their elected representatives. Bartlett does it. Turnbull does it. Turnbull's dogs do it. But guess which candidate was first to market, way back in 2001, before blogs were blogs?


Peter Parker said…
Ari, a couple of weird things about that blog:

1. The posts are not in reverse chronological order as per blog convention. Do 'old' bloggers and readers like you ever forgive these sorts of solecisms?

2. Bio section is blank (just like the space on the brochure). Maybe it's intentional (given common views about candidates self-talk)

3. It's almost a policy-free zone (apart from populist stuff on parking meters). Where does he stand on other matters?

4. No mention of (or even web link to) the party, the shadow cabinet as a team or Leg Council candidates. (could be tactical)

5. Can't he spell his leader's surname. 'Ted' on its own merely brings an association with a couple of Teds I know or even 'Big Ted' from Playschool!

'Ted' could well be an electoral advantage to the area; the surname for the ageing gentry and his libertarian views on social matters for the subcultures elsewhere in Prahran.
Anonymous said…
I don't wish to diss Malcolm Turnbull at all, because he makes a better effort that the rest, but I still find it perplexing that so many people equate his site with my site.

This isn't a competition, it's a commentary - if people seriously can't see much difference then it sends a pretty clear message to me that there is no real interest in having Australian politicians genuinely engaging in blogging.

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